Debt Profile

At the end of 3Q23, the gross balance of Loans and Financing Operations was BRL 1.3 billion, while the balance of Cash, Cash Equivalents and Financial Investments was BRL 1.3 billion in the period. Company’s Adjusted Net Debt¹ was BRL -89 million and the leverage ratio, measured by Adjusted Net Debt¹/Equity, was -4.2%.

Accordingly, the Company continues to have a well-balanced capital structure to enable the sustainable growth of its operations and to take advantage of the market opportunities that have been emerging.

The following table and graphs show further information of debt profile, as well as its amortization schedule.

Indebtedness (BRL Million) 3Q23 2Q23 Δ%
Loans and Financing 1,291 1,445 -11%
CRI 860 914 -6%
Debentures 273 363 -25%
Construction Financing (SFH) 153 161 -5%
FINAME and Leasing 6 7 -22%
Cash and Cash Equivalentss 1,341 1,113 -21%
Adjusted Net Debt¹ -89 268 -133%
Adjusted Net Debt/Equity -4.2% 16.7% -221 p.p.

¹ Net Debt plus the balance of open positions in swap agreements for protection against interest rate float.